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List of Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Park in Haryana

Find out the list of national parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Haryana that consist of Tiger, Deer, Saras, Bird Watching, Leopard and many more. Sanctuary is a preserved area consisting of adequate faunal, floral, awesome ecological, geomorphological and zoological significance. Such a natural environment is utilized for the purpose of propagating, protecting and developing both environment and wildlife. As India is a land of diversity, so apart from varied physical features, it also possesses wildlife sanctuaries in many states. Haryana is located in Northern part of India which has total 8 wildlife sanctuaries that includes 1 deer park, 2 big size national parks, 2 big wildlife conservation areas, etc.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Haryana

Here is a brief about few of the most popular sanctuaries in Haryana.

  • Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary

This being one of the best sanctuaries of this state is located on a total area of 11,570 acres. It is situated in Yamunanagar’s eastern part and consists of natural vegetation like khair, sal, shisam, amla, tun, sain, etc. The dense forest is the home to various wild animals and their well- being is not disturbed by any human activities.

  • Abubshahar Wildlife Sanctuary

On 30th January, 1987, the Forests Department Haryana of Government of Haryana made official declarations and notified this place as a wildlife sanctuary. It is located in Haryana’s Sirsa district and the total area occupied is nearly 11530.56 hectares. Among the numerous varieties of wildlife present in this sanctuary, few of them are langur monkey, saxicoloides fulicatus, small black bird, Bandar (monkey) and a lot more. Tourists who are willing to visit this place of natural environment may also visit the nearby attraction, i.e., the Fort of King Saras.

  • Kalesar national park

This protected area of Haryana is one of the most popular destinations for bird- watching and leopard. Though it is the home to many birds, yet numerous visitors step into this national park for watching the red jungle fowl. It is actually a tall and leafy sal forest and is spread on a total area of 11, 000 acres. Besides sal, other trees present here are amaltas, semul, bahera, etc. This national park possesses a colonial dak bungalow (old house) which is approximately one hundred year old.  People who possess keen interest in wildlife and green nature must visit this place.

  • Saraswati wildlife sanctuary

This tourist spot is better known as Seonsar Forest which is spread in about 4,453 hectares. On 29th July, 1988, Saraswati Plantation got notified as Saraswati Wildlife Sanctuary.You may visit this sanctuary from any possible direction as it is connected from various places like Kurukshetra, Pehowa, Ambala, Patiala, etc.

List of Popular Sanctuaries in Haryana

S.NO. Wild Life Sanctuaries Area (In Sq. Km)     Establishment
1. Kalesar National Park 46.82 2003
2. Sultanpur National Park 1.43 1989
3. Abubshehar Wildlife Sanctuary 115.3 1977
4. Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary 4.12 1986
5. Bir Shikargarh Wildlife Sanctuary 7.67 1987
6. Chhilchila Wildlife Sanctuary 0.29 1986
7. Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary 54.06 1996
8. Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary 0.83 1991
9. Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary 2.11 1987
10. Saraswati  Wildlife Sanctuary 44.82 1988
11. Bir Shikargah Wildlife Sanctuary 7.67 1987
12. Bir Bara Ban Wildlife Sanctuary 4.19 2007

If you are aware of any other National Park which exists in Haryana but not listed here then do inform us.

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