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Top 11 Best Places to Visit in Dubai this Year

Delving deep into the history of Dubai, this modern city has transformed itself completely from a small fishing town to one of the world’s most visited city in the World. Now a traveler’s hub, Dubai has both man-made and natural beauty up its sleeves. It is brimming with luxury and style on every corner and can be called a spectacular place to be in. It has become one of the most populated cities in the UAE.

11 Best Places to Visit in Dubai, UAE

Let’s explore 11 of the most popular and recent places in Dubai to bask your eyes on this year:

Burj Khalifa

Well it goes without saying that this 828 m high building is the most important icons in Dubai since 2008 when it came into existence. With over 162 rooms and a shape that of a spider lily, the top of the sky scraper of Burj Khalifa is accessible to tourists at a fee and the offers astounding views of the entire city form the observatory deck known as SKY.

The Dubai Desert

More close to nature is the vast expansive Arabian dessert stretching beyond as far as your eyes can go. Embark on a desert adventure with various activities like sand dunning, desert safari dubai, camping or a more relaxed camel ride in desert safari. Various camping sites offer live entertainment, Bedouin food and henna tattoos beside a beautiful campfire. Provisions for overnight stay are also available and can offer spectacular view of the sunset in the desert.

Dubai Creek and Souks

This skyscraper surrounded city can offer a relaxing soothing ride on its salt water canal popularly known as the Dubai Creek which meets the Persian Gulf. The place offers a mix of both modern and traditional of city and has a charming effect on the travelers. It runs through the middle of the city and is packed with souks on its banks. These souks offer excellent insight about the place’s daily life. Perfect for couple who wanted to spend romantic evening in dhow cruise in Dubai. Packed with fragrant spices, flowers, perfumes and of course gold, the souks are a treasure for the travelers to bring back with them a piece of tradition.

Amusement parks

Few of the greatest theme parks offer thrill and adventure as you explore each of its unique rides. The Ferrari World is one of the newest attractions of Dubai, and is as amazing as its name. The entire amusement park is shaped like a red Ferrari logo and all the attractions are Ferrari based. Formula Rossa ride is the fastest crazy ride in the world to send chills down your spine. This place is bets for a good family fun time. Apart from this the Motiongate Dubai, Fantasy Kingdom, Bollywood Park Dubai and IMG Worlds of Adventure are the top rated amusement parks in the city which are a must visit.

Underwater Zoo

Located in Dubai Mall this place is hard to miss. Great for family, this place offers more than one can expect. From amazing underwater tunnel to behind the scenes of the aquarium the zoo offers a plethora of wonderful sights as you explore the entire aquarium. Glass bottom boat rides, the giant crocodile and other forms of reptiles and water creature will keep you mesmerized for hours!

The Dubai Frame

True to its word, the Miracle Garden oozes of landscaped beauty. Packed with mesmerizing flower beds, this garden is a wonder in itself. A perfect place to take photographs this is a unique place to laze all day with your family or kids. The butterfly park and the umbrella packed passage are major attractions apart from never ending beds of exotic flowers.

Indoor Skiing

Skiing, a winter sport can in no way associated with Dubai! But again Dubai has left no stone unturned and has also successfully accommodated an entire indoor area for skiing. Whether a ski lover or not, this place can be as exciting as it sounds and has loads of fun activities lined up. Imagine yourself taking pictures in the snow while in Dubai! What a surprise!

Water Parks

Water parks like Wild Wadi, Aquaventure and Legoland are the top water themed adventure parks and top the list of being one of the largest in the world. Packed with adventure and fun these parks are a sure getaway from the hot weather and a quick relief too! Splash in the cool waters and enjoy with your friends and family.

Jumeirah Beach

Away from the towering buildings and the city din is the beautiful beach in Jumeirah offering spectacular view of the azure blue ocean, its glorious sunset and the backdrop of the world famous sail shaped hotel. Relax and unwind on the shacks or simply indu;ge in water sports on the beach.

Hatta Rock Pools

A little away from the city, the Hatta desert region has its hidden gems of natural pools, waterfalls and small water bodies. This surprisingly beautiful place is nestled in the Hajar mountain region and offers breathtaking views of the rock pools and its thunderous waterfalls.

There are hundreds of other places to visit in Dubai but these 11 places are an experience in its own way and never be missed while travelling to this marvelous Arabian land!

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