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Sathodi Falls – Things to see, Near Places & Best Time to Visit

Sathodi Fall also known as Jog Fall is a Scenic and delightful, rectangular molded 15m tall waterfall situated in Yellur district in northern Karnataka. It is formed by the Union of several unnamed streams close to Kallaramane Ghat. The height of the water falls is about 15 meter. The waterfall is vested amidst the Ghats and the evergreen forests and mountains that truly brings out the surprising beauty of the waterfall.

Sathodi Falls in Balagar

About Sathodi Waterfalls

The waterfall never dry and has water all-around the year. There are several tributaries that supply water to the waterfall so it never dries up. There is a pool beneath the waterfall which is ideal for swimming and it is surrounded by heavenly greenery, rocky mountains, and clear water makes the site delightful and enjoyable and one can really apart himself from the rush and noise of the city and indulge in nature.

Sathodi fall is an ideal place for picnic and tour but the geographical structure of place make the trip little challenging. The bad transport and communication system makes the visitors suffer to reach the venue. In between the bushes and the rocky terrain, there are small pathways leading to the waterfalls. Sathodi Falls is not very approachable and less popular with tourists and has moderate visitors because of the rocks and broken paths despite a glorious waterfall sight.

Nearby Places to Visit while visiting Sathodi Fall

Beautiful view of sathodi falls

Apart from this waterfall, there are several other beautiful places around Sathodi fall that make it a popular tourist spot. Here are few popular tourist destination near by Sathodi fall.

Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park

It takes 2 hours to reach to Anshi National Park and it is 67 km from Sathoda Fall. It is spread over 340 Square kilometer Area. The woodland in this vicinity is said as Dandeli natural world Sanctuary. The park was rewarded with the title of “undertaking Tiger Sanctuary”. Vacationers can see a variety of Fauna and flowers here.

Anshi national Park habitats are:

  • Leopard
  • Tiger Elephants
  • Indian Bison
  • Malabar large Squirrel
  • Deer and many others

Visitors ought to be cautious about the reptiles like:

  • King Cobra
  • Viper
  • Rat Snake
  • Python


Water falls in Sirsi

Sirsi is a well-known Jain Pilgrimage as it has the Sonda Matth situated at distance of 54 K.M from sathoda Fall. This is one of the well-known eight Matthas of Jains. Apart from the Matth, Sonda has temples like Sri Trivikrama Temple and the Shasaralinga, which is famous for its Shiva lingas within the river Shalmala

Kunchikal Falls


Nersa Village

Nersa is a small village located at a distance of 46 K.M from Sathodi fall within the wooded area of Londa and is wealthy in the medicinal plants and bio range. Ideal location to trek to Kongla, Jamgoan and at the banks of Sagarhole and Bandore Rivers. Do check out the rare Wroughton bats inside the Barapedi cave as well as Theobald bats in Krishnapur. Rare species of birds on the Mahadai valley is the main attraction of this place.

Bhavani Shankar Temple

Bhavani Shankar Temple

This beautiful temple of Lord Vishnu is located at a distance of 86 Km from Sathodi Fall, on the way to the Hubli, visiting  Bhavanishankar Temple is worth Thing. The Visitors can Sight ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu in Bhavanishankar Temple of Hubli. This temple belongs to the Chalukya era.

Kaju Bag Beach

Kaju bag beach is situated at the entry point of Kali River into the Arabian Sea at a distance of 97 K.M from Sathodi Fall. Sandy shore and rippling waves which washes the shore are extraordinary to watch. Tourists can have a relaxing walk on the shore breathing in the clean coastal air.

How to reach Sathodi Fall

Sathodi Fall is stationed at a distance of 423 km from Bengaluru. Visitors can reach there through a direct LSRTC Bus to Yellapur or they can also hire a cab from Yellapur.

It is the Yellapur where tourist can take shelter for food and spend nights. There are several lodge and hotels available for the tourist who visits Sathodi Fall.

Best time to Visit Sathodi Fall

People can visit Sathodi fall any season accept rainy season because due to rain they may face landslide water logging and several other problems, It is best to avoid rainy season to visit the fall. October to December will be an ideal time to visit the place.

Distance from Nearest Cities

  • Distance from Hubli to Sathodi Falls: 97.2 Km via NH 521
  • Distance from Sathodi Falls from Sirsi: 76.2 Km
  • Distance from Sathodi falls from Belgaum: 161 Km

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