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Haflong Hill Station – Assam, Places to Visit

Haflong is a beautiful hill station located in Assam. Find out best time to visit, how to reach, places to see, things to do and address in detail. It is the only hill station in Assam. Actually, Haflong is a small town in Assam, which is located in south Assam not very far from the city of Silchar. Haflong is the best known for his picturesque views and rich cultural legacy. The heart-throbbing natural beauty of this place  will surely make you amused.

Haflong Hill Station

How to Reach

There are different ways to reach at the Haflong Hill Station. You can choose the way by road, by rail as well as by air. The airport to reach this destination is situated in Silchar. The name of the airport is Kumbhirgram Airport and it is about 108 kilometers away from the Haflong Hill station. You can choose the conveyance by road and that will also be available from Silchar. The distance to the hill station by road is about three hours. The third option to reach is by train. The railway facility is also available from Silchar. From all these ways, you might face difficulties and might be uncomfortable. In that case, the most recommended way is own conveyance. This is the best option and you can enjoy the beauty of the hill station as per your own specifications. Well! Journey from the other ways may be hectic, but the beautiful hill station will erase all your tiredness.

Things to Do

The place is full of adventure. You can enjoy the awesome weather with the fresh aura all around. The most famous thing in Haflong is the bamboo and cane woven products. The engraving is done by the local artisans on these products. It has great prevalence in the whole hill station. Also, the handcrafted wooden products are extremely famous there. You can take that home as an unforgettable memorial.

The other thing that is much popular is the hand crafted textiles, which are peculiar in designs and perfect in itself. You can buy it as well and get it as a souvenir. The local food, especially, the tasty bamboo shoot pickle is also very popular. If you are a foodie, then you can enjoy this tasty bamboo shoot pickle.

Places to Visit

  • HILL: The serene environment and beauty of the hill is the main attraction of Haflong.
  • HALFLONG LAKE: This Lake is a vast expanse of beautiful waters. It is an oasis in the midst of the hills. This is a must watch place near Haflong. This clean and beautiful lake will go to soothe your eyes. And the cool breeze from the lake wills left you amazed with so much beauty.
  • MAIBONG: Maibong is an ancient center for art and culture located about 47 kilometers from Haflong. It is now famous for the Ramchandi Temple.
  • SILCHAR: if you are planning to visit haflong hill station, then do not miss the number of major attractions to be visited in the nearest city, Silchar. Bhuvaneshwar Temple is the center of attraction in Silchar.
  • JATINGA: Jatinga is a famous for “bird suicides”. It is located close to the Haflong ridge.

Best Time to Visit

During the winter months from October to February, the weather becomes the most awesome. It is the best time to visit there. The temperature always remains cool and soul soothing. One more specialty is there of this hill station. During the winters, numerous migratory birds visit this area and visitors enjoy their presence the most.


Being the only hill station of the state, it is the major attraction for tourists. People often visit the place in winters. Here are some visiting places nearby Haflong hill is shared above. If you love to visit the best places, then this must be a best option for you.

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