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Jebel Hafeet (Al Ain) – Timing, Weather, Best Time to Visit

Jebel Hafeet Mountain is located near by Al Ain city. Find out the best time to visit the Jebel Hafeet, whether, timing, nearby places to visit and much more.  Experience the natural shades and contours of eastern Arabia at Jebel Hafeet, amidst the beauty and splendor of Al Ain, famously known as the Garden City of the United Arab Emirates. Immerse yourself in the local flavor of the Arabian desert as you maneuver through the sand dunes to the Jebel Hafeet mountain towards the Hajar Mountains at the border of Oman. Give in to the pleasures of the Arabian landscape, and allow the natural beauty of the place to mesmerize you, so that you may experience the desert in its glory.

Jebel Hafeet


In the summer months, that is, from April to September, it is best to visit the Jebel Hafeet in three afternoons around 4.00 PM and stay there in the evening to witness the resplendent beauty of the tastefully lit serpentine highway, as well as the gorgeously decorated city of Al Ain. However, in the winter months, that is, from November to February, it is best to visit the Jebel Hafeet in the mid-afternoon and leave early, since the temperature may be considerably low in the evening.


The Jebel Hafeet is situated in the middle of the Arabian desert and therefore experiences weather typical to that of a desert. The summers at Jebel Hafeet are extremely hot and sunny, and the winters are moderately cold. However, it is better to carry light woolens while visiting during the winter months, as the temperature may considerably drop at the summit.

Best time to Visit

The Jebel Hafeet is a popular tourist destination that is open for visits throughout the year.

The mountain range is one of the most notable landmarks in the area. The range is roughly around 26 kilometers (16 mi) in length and 5 kilometers (3 mi) in width and is situated in a north-south alignment. The asymmetric mountain range varies in its height and elevation from place to place, as the western part of the range is less steep than the eastern part. The Jebel Hafeet mountain rises to a height of 1249 m (4098 ft) and is one of the highest peaks in the UAE.


The beautiful Mubazzarah Park provides a welcome respite from the deserts, with its carefully planted trees and elegantly landscaped gardens. The lush green surroundings at the Mubazzarah Park comes with beautifully manicured lawns and man-made streams, luxurious spas and an artificial lake, along with several chalets for people to stay. The park offers the space for a number of activities for children, as well as the opportunity to host a barbecue or the chance to take a dip in the lake.

Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs

One of the greatest attractions at the Jebel Hafeet park is the presence of hot springs. Many visitors to the Mubazzarah Park visit the hot springs and the jacuzzi to spend some time luxuriating in the beauty of nature and natural landscapes.

Nearby, in the foothills is the hot water springs collectively known as the Green Mubazarrah. The springs form streamlets and collide into a lake. In here, people can lounge at the swimming pools and jacuzzis after a tiring exploration of the maze-like highway.

Nearby places to visit

There are a number of places in and around the Jebel Hafeet that is worth visiting.  One of the adventure trip is the the hatta mountain safari, and quad biking. The Al Ain Raceway is a place of interest for those who are involved in motorcar racing. The Al Ain Zoo hosts over four thousand animals in an almost natural condition. The Al Amin Palace Museum also provides a rich insight into the culture and heritage of the city.

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