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List of Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Park in Bihar

Updated list of National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Bihar which are spread across the state. We have listed all 12 places with kilometer detail. Nature and animal lovers are always in search of some magnificent places that abodes various species of flora and fauna. If you are one of them than you must surely visit Bihar, the state having 21 wildlife sanctuaries and 2 national parks.  What more can you ask for?  The Government of Bihar also takes the initiative to look after the proper well-being of all wildlife creatures that the sanctuaries have. Of the 21 wildlife sanctuaries the Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary and Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary are really famous and they are definitely worth a visit.

Elephant in Wildlife Sanctuaries of Bihar

List of National Park in Bihar

Number Name Area (Sq. Kms)
1. Valmiki National Park 333.65
2. Barela Salim Ali Zubba Saheni Wildlife Sanctuary 1.96
3. Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary 681.99
4. Gautam Buddha Bird Sanctuary 259.48
5. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary 67.5
6. Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary 1342.22
7. Nagi Dam Bird Sanctuary 7.91
8. Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary 35.84
9. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park 153
10. Udaypur Vany Prani Sanctuary 8.74
11. Valmiki Vany Prani Sanctuary 880.78
12. Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary 60

Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries in Bihar

There are about 12 national park and wildlife sanctuaries spread across Bihar out of which few of them are very famous. Also have a look to the wildlife sanctuaries in Odhisa. We have listed few of them below, have a look:

Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary

Though this sanctuary is spread across only 34sq km (approx), the number of animals that it abodes is no less than any other wildlife sanctuary. The picturesque that it offers is inexpressible.  It is home to a number of animals but mostly you will see leopards, barking deer, hyena, nilgai and petite hammocks. The sanctuary also has hot water springs adding to the beauty of this wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary provides very good lodging and boarding facilities which makes it even worth more visiting.

Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary        

The Valmiki Tiger Reserve attracts a number of tourists every year. This is a place from where no can return disappointed. Apart from tigers, which are the main attraction of this national park, you also get to see leopards, sambars, civets and even jungle cats. This famous tiger reserve also has the valmiki ashram which is just adjacent to this national park. Hence you will also get to visit the valmiki ashram every time you visit this National Park.

Apart from these, one can also visit Bhimbandh Sanctuary, Kaimur Sanctuary, Gautam Buddha Sanctuary, Kabar Jheel Bird Sanctuary, Nagi Dam Bird Sanctuary and the list continues. Once in Bihar, you should definitely try to visit as many wildlife sanctuaries as you can. Because no one prefers to travel a particular state or country twice as travelers are often busy exploring new places every now and then. So if you haven’t visited the wildlife sanctuaries of Bihar, go pack your bags and start your excursion. You are sure to love these places.

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