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List of Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha

Here is updated list of National Parks and List of Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha which are famous and spread in hundreds of kilometers.  When we think of visiting wildlife sanctuaries, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary and similar names come in our mind. The reason is quite obvious. These sanctuaries offer everything that has always been the desire of a nature and animal lover. Even botanists tend to visit these sanctuaries to experience the beauty of the wide species of flora that these sanctuaries offer.

Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Odisha are really unique and are considered to be nature lover’s paradise. If you are going to visit the wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha. Let us help you out with it.

Top 21 Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha

There are 21 wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha but if you are short of time and cannot visit all of them.

Sr.No. Wild Life Sanctuaries Area (Sq. Kms.) Establishment
1. Bhitarkanika National Park 145 1988
2. Simlipal National Park 845.70 1980
3. Badrama Wildlife Sanctuary 304.03 1962
4. Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary 168.35 1981
5. Balukhand Konark Wildlife Sanctuary 71.72 1984
6. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary 525 1975
7. Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary 175.79 1982
8. Chilika (Nalaban) Wildlife Sanctuary 15.53 1987
9. Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary 346.91 1985
10. Gahirmatha (Marine) Wildlife Sanctuary 1435.00 1997
11. Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary 191.06 1978
12. Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary 147.66 1992
13. Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary 116 1982
14. Kotagarh Wildlife Sanctuary 399.5 1981
15. Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary 272.75 1984
16. Lakhari Valley Wildlife Sanctuary 185.87 1985
17. Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary 14.16 1979
18. Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary 745.52 1976
19. Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary 1354.30 1979
20. Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary 500 1988
21. Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary 125.50

We have listed the top 2-3 wildlife sanctuaries that you must visit. There are other several wildlife sanctuary located across India like Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary and Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary.

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Unlike other wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha, this one is a dry forest and also has historical importance attached to it. It is also home to the endangered species of four-horned antelope. The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary attracts a number of tourists every year especially during winters as people get the chance to experience nature’s beauty at its best along with the availability of several species of flora and fauna. One can expect to see tigers, leopards, bison, spotted dear and Indian hare apart from the migratory birds that visit the sanctuary

Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary

Out of the 19 wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha, Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary is considered to have the most number of animals and even many endangered species can be found. This sanctuary is characterized by waterfalls, canyons and plateau offering better living conditions to many wildlife animals. You will see tigers, swamp deer, gaurs, barking deer and many more adding to the scenic beauty of this place.

Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary

The main attraction of this sanctuary is the Salandi River, passing through the forests of Hadagrh Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to a number of wildlife creatures including species of avifauna. It is mainly covered with dense sal forest and the flora and fauna adds even more to the picturesque view that this sanctuary has.

If you could visit these wildlife sanctuaries then you will surely be lucky enough to experience nature in a unique and soothing way.

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