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Dudhwa National Park – Safari Timing, Entry Fees, Contact Number

The Dudhwa National Park is located in Palia Kalan, Uttar Pradesh. Find the safari tour timing, entrance fees, bet time to visit, contact number, weather etc detail. This amazing  Dudhwa National Park which is known for its wildlife and grasslands is located in Terai region which comes under Lakhimpur Kher district, Uttar Pradesh.The nearest city is Palia Kalan. It has a huge diversity of forests and conservation of a large number of flora and fauna.

Dudhwa National Park


Earlier this particular region was the habitat of famous Barasingha wildlife and then founded as a wildlife sanctuary by the support of Billy Arjun Singh (a famous conservationist) in the year 1958. Later on, the area was declared as the National Park on January, 1977. By combining the two wildlife sanctuary it is finally confirmed as the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in the year 1987.

Things to See

The park is mainly famous for the conservation of tigers and swamp deer in large number approx 1,600 in population. Much other wildlife is also found here like the tiger, civets, Indian rhinoceros, barasingha, barking deer and many more. Some species of birds get to see in the park like great slaty Woodpecker  (belongs to Woodpecker family), Bengal bustard and swamp partridge.

The park is also a home for the migratory birds which resides in the park during winter season like:

  • Kingfishers
  • Painted storks (belongs to the family of storks),
  • Sarus cranes,
  • Barbets (belongs to the family of Capitonidae),
  • Black and white-necked storks and many more.

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The area of the park consists of deciduous forests and tropical forests having the number of different trees. The park comes under the area of a border of India and Nepal. The whole area is about 490 km2.

How to Reach Dudhwa Park

If you want to go by car or taxi then you have to first reach Palia city which is very near to the park at a distance of 5 km. The Dudhwa railway station is very close from the park, it is at a distance of 4 km only from the park. The closest airport to reach the park is Lucknow airport at a distance of about 238 km.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Dudhwa National Park

The summer is very hot and dry therefore tourist should avoid visiting during this time. The best climate to visit the park is from November to April month, the climate is amazing to explore. It’s also the best weekend destination for those who love to spend time with nature.

Weather Overview

Sr. No. Month Temperature
1 January 8-21 Degree Celsius
2 February 11-25 Degree Celsius
3 March 16-31 Degree Celsius
4 April 21-38 Degree Celsius
5 May 27-43 Degree Celsius
6 June 28-42 Degree Celsius
7 July 28-38 Degree Celsius
8 August 27-37 Degree Celsius
9 September 25-36 Degree Celsius
10 October 20-35 Degree Celsius
11 November 14-29 Degree Celsius
12 December 9-23 Degree Celsius


The entry and exit time is strictly followed by the park in-charge. The entry timing starts from 6:00 AM and time to exit the park is 7:00 PM.

Contact Number: 0120-4212-120

Email Address: N/A

Located At: State Highway 90
Landmark: Near Bikram Ban Farms
City: Palia Kalan
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pin Code: 262902

Best time to visit: November to May

Quick Overview

Timing: 6:00 AM-6:00 PM
Area: 490.3 km²
Establishment: 1977

Entry Fees

There are 03 different types of entry fees fixed by Dudhwa National Park which are as follows:

Rate Entry For
Rs 50 For Indians
Rs 300 For Foreigners
Rs 100 For vehicles

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