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Malanda Falls – Best time to Visit, Near Places, Address

Malanda Falls is a popular tourist spot located in Australia. Find the best time to visit, opening and closing time, things to do, how to reach & where to stay. The Malanda falls, a cascade waterfall on the North Johnstone River, is an unusual experience for most tourists in Australia. Located in the Tablelands Region in the Far North of Queensland, Australia, Malanda falls are a perfect lunch spot for its picturesque waterfalls and good amenities.

Malanda Falls located in Queensland, Australia

Formed by the volcanic eruption in Mount Hypipamee which is about 15 kms away from it, the waterfalls are extremely wide and not much high and have a pool in front of them. Apart from this, a tour around the area offers visitors the opportunity to see the rare Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo as well as discover traditional ways of the local indigenous people. 

Things to do Near Malanda Falls

Situated inside a rain-forest, Malanda falls are a perfect spot for a one-day tour because of its pleasant weather. Here is a list of things you can do when you are there.

Taking a walk

Malanda waterfalls provide two short walking tracks through Malanda Conservation Park around the falls that have distinct features of its own and can prove to be an experience to cherish.

Tulip oak walk is the shorter one which will be around 1 km to go and return. It is an easy grade walk that will take you around 35 minutes. It will take you through Malanda Falls rainforest and you can enjoy sightseeingaway from the North Johnstone River. A striking feature of the walk is the road signs that you will find on the way that will provide information about the Ngadjon-Jii culture and lifestyle.

The longer one is the Rainforest walk which is about 1.5 km to go and return and will take you around 1 hour. The walk starts following the course of North Johnstone River from the main road till it merges into the forest at the point of return. It is also an easy grade walk. You will find some towering rainforest trees with information labels on them along the sidesduring this walk.

Guided tours are also provided by the local Ngadjon people around the waterfalls through the Malanda Falls Visitor Centre which can be a great way to interact with the localindigenous community and learn about their traditional ways of living.

Enjoying in the pool

There is a large pool in front of the waterfalls which the tourists are allowed to enter. There is a lot of space to enjoy a swim and it is not very deep which makes it completely safe. There are ladders attached to the sides that go into the pool too.

Viewing wildlife

A wide range of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians have made Malanda Falls Conservation Park their abode. You can spot a platypus in the river, especially at dawn and dusk. In the forest, you can find Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroos and green possums on the branches of the trees during the day. Leaf-tailed geckos, spiders and bats can also be seen with a torchlight after dark.

Picnics and other amenities

There is Malanda Falls Scenic Reserve adjoining the waterfalls, which is an ideal picnic spot for families and small groups. They provide facilities like picnic tables, shelters, barbecues and water access points and toilets to the tourists.

Best time to visit

Even though Malanda falls have a pleasant climate during the day all through the year, the best season to visit would be December, January and February which are the months of summer in Australia. The maximum daytime temperature here at that time will be around 30°C which is ideal for a swim in the pool. It is also the best time to encounter the rich varied diversity of the fauna in the area, in the river as well as the forest.

Where to stay

The nearest town from Malanda waterfalls is the town of Malanda where you can find decent accommodation. There are also a number of resorts and camp sites in the rainforest around the waterfalls that provide places to stay with the best of facilities to their guests. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay, these places are sure to provide you a good experience in a reasonable budget.

How to reach

The only way to reach Malanda waterfalls is by road. You can reach the waterfalls by taking Malanda-Atherton Rd and following it for about 1.3km on the Atherton Tablelands west of Cairns. Cars and camper-vans are available on hire in the town of Malanda.

Contact Number: +61-7-4096-6957


Malanda Atherton Road

Malanda QLD 4885

Country: Australia

Overall, a brief visit to Malanda falls can be a refreshing experience for everyone exploring Tablelands Region of Australia.

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