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Top 17 Hill Stations in South India for Weekend Trip

These 17 most beautiful Hill Stations of South India is perfect for weekend gateway and long trip for family, friends and couple.  It is often believed that there is beauty in every element of the world, especially in nature. The hill stations in South India bear testimony to this statement: the splendid hill stations encapsulate the pristine beauty of nature, replete with peace and serenity. Here are 17 hill stations in South India which are a must-visit for nature lovers.

List of Hill Stations in South India

List of Best Hill Stations of South India across the Year

After well research, I have listed 17 most popular Hill stations of South India which is perfect for weekend and long trip with family and friends. Majority of these tourist spot are popular one, however, few are still untouched, have a look:

Munnar, Kerala

Tata tea garden in Munnar

One of the most popular tourism spots in Kerala, the Munnar hill station was previously a getaway for the elite during the British Raj. Dotted with beautiful tea plantations, the Munnar hill station also boasts of several splendid waterfalls. Abounding with exotic flora and fauna, Munnar is a treat for the nature lovers who are not afraid to venture into the unknown in search of beauty.

Chikmagalur, Karnataka:

Chikmagalur hill station detail

Home to several majestic animals such as the leopard, the tiger, and the elephant, Chikmagalur is one of the most visited hill stations in Karnataka. Amidst rolling coffee plantations that characterize the hills of Karnataka, Chikmagalur presents to its visitors the natural beauty of south India in all its glory, replete with endless grasslands and mysterious forests.

Kodachadri hills, Shimoga

Kodachadri mountain

The Kodachadri hills in Karnataka are a natural heritage site which abounds in tourist attractions. The dense forests of Kodachadri hills are home to several wild animals, while the menhirs and the monolithic structure stand testimony to the ancient origins of the beautiful hill station. It is a popular trekking destination for tourists, as well as a site for pilgrimage since there is a temple of the goddess Mookambika on the peak of the Kodachadri hills.

Coorg, Karnataka


One of the most famous hill stations in Karnataka, Coorg is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in south India, since it houses an attraction for the nature lovers as well as the historically inclined. The Madikeri fort is a popular spot for history lovers who like to take a trip down the memory lane, while the tiger sanctuary at Nagarhole National Park provides a happy retreat for those who revel in the beauty of nature.

Kotagiri, Karnataka

Kotagiri - a beautiful hill station

For those who seem peace and joy amidst nature, Kotagiri in Karnataka provides the apt destination. Spotted with splendid waterfalls like the Elk Falls and the Catherine Falls, Kotagiri is a popular trekking destination for the adventurous tourists who prefer to take the road less traveled.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu

The beauty of Tamil Nadu may be encapsulated in the Kodaikanal hill station, with its splendid star-shaped Kodaikanal lake and amazing trekking routes. The Kodaikanal hill station is a delight for the adventurous soul, as the rolling grasslands and dense forests allow the tourists to explore the magical hill station on their own. The beautiful Bryant Park and Guna caves are organic additions to the natural beauty of Kodaikanal, which offers the splendor of south India in the microcosm of a single hill station.

B.R. Hills, Karnataka

BR Hills in Karnataka

The B.R. Hills in Karnataka is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in India, as it houses several rare species of plants and animals. The Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park are home to elephants, tigers, and the giant flying squirrel, while the Papanasamudram falls provide a happy respite from the monotony of the dense forests. The serenity of the Kabini river augments the atmosphere of serenity that characterizes the B.R. Hills.

Peermede, Kerala

Peermede tourist spot in Kerala

Peermede in Kerala is one of the lesser known tourist spots in South India and provides a stiff competition to the popular destinations in terms of natural beauty. The Vagamon Pine forest is a unique attraction at Peermede, along with the Kuttikanam grasslands and Velappara waterfalls. The hill station is also the abode of various gods and goddesses, which also makes it a popular destination for pilgrimage among Hindu tourists.

Ananthagiri, Telangana

Ananthagiri hill station

The Ananthagiri hill station at Telangana is a natural marvel, as well as a man, made wonder, with its dense forests, ancient caves, medieval forts and lofty temples. A popular tourist destination in south India, Ananthagiri is the point of origin of the Musi river, which is an amazing trekking spot for tourists who are in search of adventure. The beautiful Nagasamudram lake also offers kayaking facility during monsoon, which makes it a treat for those who are governed by the desire to explore the unknown.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu


One of the lesser-known delights in Tamil Nadu, the Yerakud hill station is the best place to visit for the religious minded, as the Shevaroy temple, Sri Chakra Mahameru temple and Sri Raja Rajeshwari temple are popular destinations for tourists who seek the divine amidst the gorgeous beauty of nature.

Savandurga, Karnataka

Savandurga hills

Often considered as the largest monolith in Asia, the Savandurga hill station in Karnataka is a popular tourist destination for those who like to delve deeper into the unknown. The amazing trekking experience available at Savandurga makes it one of the most visited tourist spots in Karnataka.

Araku Valley, Vizag

Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley in Vizag is a must visit for all tourists who go on a trip to south India, as the hill station is a perfect amalgamation of natural splendor and man-made delights. The beautiful Padmapuram gardens contain various beautiful sculptures and a miniature train, while the Tribal Museum provides some amazing insights into the lesser known cultures of south India. The dense forests and rolling coffee plantations also provide a happy getaway for the nature lovers at Araku Valley.

Thenmala, Kerala

thenmala ecotourism in kerala

One of the most popular ecotourism sites in India, Thenmala in Kerala houses many rare animals and birds native to Kerala. The Butterfly Park and the Leisure Zone provides a beautiful respite to the tourists from the regular lives, as the waters of the Kallada river calms the minds of those who visit the

Ponmudi, Kerala

Hilly road in Ponmudi

Ponmudi in Kerala is one of those rare hill stations which juxtapose the hills with the sea. At Ponmudi, the Shankumugham Beach and the Varkala beach are only a few miles away from the towering peaks of Agyasta Mala. The Ponmudi hill station is the perfect destination for those who wish to experience the best of both worlds in south India.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu


One of the most visited tourist spots in South India, Ooty is a must-see for all those who wish to experience south India at its best. The lovely artificial lake at Ooty is a pleasant break from the dense forests that surround it. The Government Botanical Gardens at Ooty consists of many rare plants, while the Rose Garden consists of more than 2000 varieties of roses. Ooty is the perfect destination for the nature lovers who are not afraid to venture into the unknown.

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu

Yelagiri Hills in Tamil Nadu

One of the lesser-known tourism spots cradled in the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri is famous for the mesmerizing Jalgamparai Waterfall, which is a popular spot for picnics and outings. The Murugan temple at Yelagiri is also quite popular among the Hindu pilgrims, who wish to worship amidst the divine beauty of nature.

Devikulam, Kerala

A popular hill station near Munnar, Devikulam is famous for its natural beauty as well as its marvelous Lockhart Tea Museum. For those who seek both nature and culture, Devikulam is the best hill station to visit in south India.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and the unique culture of south India as you visit these hill stations on your trip.

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