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Matheran Hill Station – MH, Places to Visit, Timing

Matheran is a lovely hill station comes in Maharashtra state. Find the best time to visit, climate, places to visit, month wise temperature to accommodation detail. Indian Western Ghats are not only majestic but also sensational and one such place is Matheran which is one of the smallest hill stations in India. Matheran means the forest on the head and as the name suggests it is a gorgeous and nature lapped Marathi location but wait, all is not so slow about the place. It is nestled in the prime forests of the Western Ghats and is a perfect getaway destination when it comes to weekends or long breaks. A slow hill station, Matheran is preferred by the city folks of Surat, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Mumbai, Pune and even Delhi. It is located near the border of Gujarat in the state of Maharashtra at a distance of about 90 kms from Mumbai. It’s a perfect tourist spot for weekend trip.


Nestled in the beautiful hills of the Western Ghats it is well connected by a network of toy trains which connect to the nearest Narel station which is connected to Mumbai through Indian Railways network. It is one of the most amazing places on the Western Ghats with breathtaking beauty and soothing greenery.


Matheran is located 90 kms. from Mumbai, 150 kms from Nashik and about 130 kms. from Pune. The nearest Gujarati city is Valsad at about 240 kms. away. It’s a place which is well connected by the train and rail transport. Being a hill station it is bound to be at a height of about 800 ft. above the average sea level of the area.  The location is surrounded by heavy jungle cover and is a home to the local tribal population which undertakes mostly agriculture as the main economic activity.


Climate and Best Time to Visit

Matheran is located in the mid-westernGhats and the hills range between 1000 to 1500 ft. The area receives heavy to very heavy rainfall during the monsoon which is the best time to visit. This is the time when the waterfalls in the area become active and a spectacle to watch. Temperatures range between 25 degreescelcius all-round the year while the winters are generally cool. The monsoons in Matheran are surely very wet and the area receives more than 2000 mm of rainfall in the peak time. As the monsoons are humid but manageable it is advisable that the tourists who visit the area are careful and take care of their steps near the edges and while clicking pics as the area can be wet and slippery.  The clothing needed is not heavy but some warm clothing is definitely recommended during the winter season as Matheran is after all a hill station.

Weather Overview

Sr. No. Month Temperature
1 January 18-31 Degree Celsius
2 February 20-33 Degree Celsius
3 March 22-33 Degree Celsius
4 April 24-34 Degree Celsius
5 May 27-34 Degree Celsius
6 June 26-33 Degree Celsius
7 July 25-29 Degree Celsius
8 August 25-29 Degree Celsius
9 September 24-29 Degree Celsius
10 October 23-32 Degree Celsius
11 November 19-34 Degree Celsius
12 December 19-33 Degree Celsius

Tourist attractions in the area

Being a hill station, this place is a perfect place for trekkers and hikers. In all there are about  sunrise and sunset and picnic points that the tourists can visit and enjoy. The 2 monsoon fed lakes are a great attraction which attract the most of the crowd. The beautiful valleys are bound to attract the trekkers who can go on solo full day trekking trips or can also use cycle tracks which can be done in groups and in couples as well. Here are about 4 temples for those who wish to also have a religious bent to their trips. The Louisa point is a perfect place for young couples who wish to find fun to their early romance.


How to reach

Matheran is centrally located from Mumbai, Pune, Valsad ad Surat and is well connected by train and road. The nearest railways station is Narel which is on the South Western and Western Railway grid and is also a connecting stations to almost all the trains travelling to Mumbai. A toy train also operates between Matheran and Narel while the best way remains by road drive. The national highway number 48 is the connecting road between Mumbai and Matheran, The nearest Airports are at Mumbai and Pune and the rest of the journey can be completed simultaneously. The Maharashtra Roadways also operates daily buses in the area while local bus transport is also a convenient medium to travel to and fro the place.


Though it is located at travel distance from major cities accommodation can be availed by tourists for a stay over. It is generally advisable that the accommodation is booked in advance specially during the monsoon season when the rush is the maximum. Both government and private accommodation is easily available on turn up basis. The local forest reserve also maintains a forest guest house in the area which can be availed only in advance. The best way though is to take up tents and place them in the open but avoid doing this in the monsoons as the winds are generally very rough and rains are hard.

Flora and Fauna

Matheran being a typical hill location it is flourished with greenery and great animal and bird life.  It is on the map of the Ministry of Environment as one of the sensitive eco systems but is still filled with special beauty of all forms. The area is also famous for its herbal plant species. Tourists can enjoy watching Leopards, barking deer, mongoose, giant squirrel, fox, macaque monkeys and regular deer. Some people also tame elephants but that’s a rarity.Treks are perfect for sighting bird life like ocean guils, quails, sparrows and western ghat kingfisher.

All in all a trip to Matheran is a fun filled experience which guarantees an amazement each time it is done. Though the place is in its prime in the monsoons still the other seasons are equally good to visit .

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