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Beautiful Chikhaldara Hill Station – Best Time and Place to Visit

The beautiful Chikhaldara hill station is situated in Amravati district surrounded with several tourist spot. Find the best time to go Chikhaldara, near by places to visit, things to do and other information. Formerly known as Keechakadara where according to legends Bheema triumphed over Keechaka in a bout and hurled him into the valley, is now known as Chikhaldara located in the Amravati district of Maharashtra where the state ends and Madhya Pradesh begins. Located 1088 metres above sea level, the place is the only coffe producing hill station enriched with a variety of flora and fauna  amidst the alluring beauty of nature.

Chikhaldara Hill Station in Amravati

How to Reach Chikhaldara Hill Station

The nearest airport to to Chikhaldara is 150 kilometres away in Akola. Tourists can take a taxi to their destination. The nearest railway station is 110 kilometres away in Bandera from where taxis are available to Chikhaldara. One can also drive from Nagpur which is only 250 kilometres away from the spot. It is better for tourists from Nashik, Mumbai, Pune to board a train or a flight because the places are over 525 kilometers from the destination while the residents of Aurangabad can take a long drive of six hours covering the 357 kilometers in between.

Best Time to Visit

Visit the Chikhaldara  hills between the months of October and June and unravel the mysticism of the mountains and thick foliage of tress and let it create some awesome memories upon your residence to this tranquil beauty. This place will make a pleasure stay for a weekend and a feast for your eyes.

Things to do in Chikhaldara

Bhimkund is a  natural blue water tank. It is  here in the nearby lake where Bheem was believed to have taken a bath after having defeated Keechaka and thus the name. The locals say that the lake is too deep to be measured.

Don’t forget to check nearby tourist spots like:

The Narnala Fort which is of much historic importance because of its exposure to many wars, stands on the Satpuda hills. It is a group of three beautiful and old forts actually – Narnala Fort itself, Teliagarh and Zafrabad.

Near by places to visit in Chikhaldara including this old fort

The Meghlat Tiger project is home not only to 82 tigers but to panthers, wild bears, wild dogs, sambar and sloth bears making it an ideal place for animal lovers. The Wan Sanctuary is an extension of this project and animals as these are spotted here too. The Gugamal National Park is an integral part of the Meghalat Tiger Reserve and the four horned antelope is the most spotted animal here. The fauna found here includes dense long tress such as Ain, Aola, Lendia, Kusum, Dhawada and many other smaller shrubs.

The Semadoh Lake is located at the entrance of the Gugamal National Park and is a great place for boating and fishing. Tourists can set up camps here and enjoy the captivating view of the forest and the lake or visotors may even choose to treck towards the forest.

The Semadoh Lake in Amravati

The Gwaligarh fort is around three hundred years old build by the Nizam’s which was once controlled by the Mughal and Hindi rulers. It has three gates by the named Delhi darawaza, Fatheh darwaza and Kichakdara darwaza. The fort has two lakes within -Khambtaloa and Bamnitaloa and ten canons made from copper brass and iron.

The Panchboli point ,  is a view point that presents a complete  view of the natural forest region. The place is called so because when one shouts out his name, the voice echoes between the mountains and thus it is also called the five echo point. Another such point is the Hariken point that offers a view of the Mozari village, Vairat Hills and Gawaligard Fort.

Places to Visit Near by Chikhaldara Hill Station

Cities such as Nagpur, Bhopal and Indore are quite close to Chikhaldara. Aurangabad, the city that nests the Ajanta and Ellora and Ujjain, the city of temples are not to far away too. Panchmarhi is another beautiful hill station enveloped by Satpura Hills tucked into a corner of Madhya Pradesh. The most interesting place to visit nearby is Lonar, India’s meteorite lake.

Following are the near by places of Chikhaldara where tourist can visit in a day:

  • Bhim Kund – It’s the place where Bhim (from Mahabharat) took a bath.
  • Bir Lake – It was built during last month of 1890 by British.
  • Dharkhura- It’s a beautiful water fall and 10 km away from
  • Mahadev Temple- It is located about 6 km from Kala Pani lake.
  • Monkey Point – This place is surrounded with Monkeys and located nearby the Maharashtra Forest Rangers College.
  • Narnala Fort – It is located on the hills of Satpura.
  • Prospects Point and Thakur Point – This place is located near Deepshikha Military School.
  • Semadhoh Tiger Project – It was started in the year 1973 near Melghat . Most of the Tiger Project area is covered by dense forest.
  • Bakadari and Kalalkund – These are the two waterfalls about 5 km from the Aadnadi.
  • Devi Point – This is located near shakkar lake and is 1.5 km away from Chikhaldara Bus Station.

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