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Hill Stations near Nagpur – Best Destination for Weekend

Since the land around Nagpur is pretty much flat, it is hard to find a hill station nearby. However, we have compiled the choicest few in our list below. These beautiful hill stations near by Nagpur city are able to attract millions of tourist every year. Therefore whether you are looking for a weekend spot or adventurous place, these hill stations around the Nagpur city will easily win your heart.


Chikhaldara hill station

This lovey Chikhaldara is the only hill station in all of Vidarbha region. It is situated 231 km from Nagpur, in the Amravati district of Maharashtra.

How to get there

MSRTC buses ply from Nagpur to Chikhaldara, via Amravati-Paratwada. Other than this, there is always the option of taking a tourist permit vehicle from Nagpur.

When to visit

Recommended window for visiting Chikhaldara is October to June, although the summers are best avoided due to spiking temperatures.

Where to stay

Some of the stay options in Chikhaldara are listed below

  • Hotel Harshawardhan
  • Green Vallies resort
  • Satpura Retreat
  • Bhimas Paradise

What to do

Some important places to visit in Chikhaldara are the Gavilgad and Narnala Fort, Tribal museum, Nehru Botanical gardens, Hurricane point and Prospect point.

You can also check out hill stations close to Shirdi that comes under Maharashtra state.


Pachmarhi hill station

Pachmarhi is a hill station located in the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh. It is about 257 km from Nagpur.

How to get there

MSRTC and private buses ply between Nagpur and Pachmarhi, although the scenic routes and your personal convenience dictate that you should hire a cab or take your own car.

When to visit

Weather conditions remain favourable throughout the year, only the monsoon is best avoided since it will put a dampener on your trip.

Where to stay

Given below is a list of recommended places to stay during your trip to Pachmarhi

  • Hotel Pachmarhi
  • Welcome Heritage Golf View resort
  • Hotel Parikalp
  • Hotel Misty Meadows
  • Hotel Royal

What to do

Pachmarhi is home to a Bio-sphere of various plants and animals that will delight wildlife lovers. Some of the important tourist spots are

  • Rajat Pratap waterfall
  • Bee Fall
  • Chauragarh
  • Apsara Falls
  • Jatashankar
  • Duchess Fall
  • Pachmarhi Hill
  • Mount Rosa
  • Draupadi Kund


Bhandardara hill station

Bhandardara is 695 km away from Nagpur.It is a quaint little village in the Ahmednagar district and comes under Maharashtra state. It is home to the highest peak in Maharashtra, Mt. Kalsubai.

How to get there

Due to the remoteness of the place, direct buses are not available from Nagpur to Bhandardara. You can take a bus till Sangamner and then catch a jeep to Bhandardara, or take a train to the nearest station Igatpuri, then catch a bus or cab to Bhandardara

When to visit

The best time would be the monsoons, i.e July to September, because that is when seasonal waterfalls appear.

Where to stay

Some places you can consider staying at Bhandardara are-

  • MTDC resort
  • Anandvan resort
  • Cottons Forest resort
  • Hotel Amruteshwar

What to do

The adventurous may choose to try and have a go at climbing Mt. Kalsubai, which is 1646 m high. Other places of interest are

  • Ratangad fort
  • Wilson dam
  • Umbrella falls
  • Amriteshwar temple


Jawar hill station

Jawhar is a hill station situated in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, 734 km away from Nagpur. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, and is especially famous for its Warli tribal paintings.

How to get there

It is recommended to take a train upto Igatpuri. The travel time is 12 hours. From Igatpuri, private and government buses are available, or you can hire a private taxi to go to Jawhar.

It is recommended that you visit Jawhar in the period of late October to early March.

Where to stay

Here are some hotels that you can stay at during your trip to Jawhar.

  • Sunset Point Resort
  • Hotel Sankalp
  • Symphony Lakeview Resort
  • Shanti Sarovar Resort
  • Hotel Sai Mahal

What to do

Some of the must-visit places of interest in Jawhar are-

  • Dabhosa Waterfall
  • Jai Vilas Palace
  • Hanuman Point
  • Khad-khad dam
  • Kal Mandavi Waterfall


Matheran hill station

Matheran is a beautiful hill station that is located in the heart of Raigad district of Maharashtra. It has been declared the smallest hill station in India. It also has the privilege of being Asia’s only automobile free hill station, owing to its eco-sensitive status. It is about 810 km from Nagpur by road.

How to get there

Owing to its distance from Nagpur, it is recommended that you take a train to Pune, Mumbai or Kalyan and then proceed onward to Matheran. Matheran is 90 km from Mumbai and about 120 km from Pune.

When to visit

Matheran has pleasant weather all through the year. But the true pleasure of going to Matheran will be during the months of October to May.

Where to stay

You will be spoilt with options to stay at in Matheran. Some of the hotels recommended to stay at are-

  • Cecil Hotel
  • Usha Ascot
  • Hotel Paramount
  • Hotel Panorama
  • Verandah in the forest

What to do

Some of the must-visit tourist attractions here are:

  • Alexander Point
  • One Tree Hill Point
  • Belvedere Point
  • Olympia Race Course
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Celia Point
  • Porcupine Point
  • Panorama Point
  • Louisa Point
  • Mayra Point
  • Pisarnath Temple

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