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Barda Wildlife Sanctuary – Timing, Entrace Fees & Phone No.

Located near Porbandar, Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is spread in several km. Find the opening time, entrance fees, contact number, things to see and best time to visit. Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place to be in the lap of nature and enjoy scenic beauties of the coast. Located in the Porbandar District of Gujrat, the sanctuary is famous for its population of deer, blue bull, Chinkaras and wolves. It is a perfect location for a weekend getaway for people across the region and is also one of the favorite locations for research scientists.

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Toll free Number: 1800-200-5080

Forests Office Contact Number: 028-6224-2551

Phone Number: 079-2397-7200

Email Addressinfo@gujarattourism.com

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary Address:

Office at: Udyog Bhavan, Block No. 16, 4th Floor,
Located at: Sector-11,
City: Gandhinagar
State: Gujarat
Pin Code: 382 011

Exact Location

Located in the heart of Porbander Gujrat, the birthland of Mahatama Gandhi, it lays at the latitude 21.58 N just above the Tropic of Cancer. Being near the coast line the sanctuary has a humid climate. It is about 282 km square in size and is situated at the confluence of the Bhileshwary and Joghri Rivers. The area experiences very hot summers and normal winters. The sanctuary is also surrounded by Khambala and Fodara Dams which are also beauties in themselves. It is just 100 Kms. away from the Gir national forests the only spot left in the world to spot the pride of the lions the Asiatic Lions. The terrain is undulated and has slopes and hard rocks protruding at most locations.

There is another popular wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat called Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary.

Flora and Fauna

The sanctuary is a great weekend destination for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and wish to spend their weekends in peace and tranquility. However permission from the authorities is a must as the forest also hosts the vicinity of the Asiatic Lions which are an endangered species along with the Blue Bull which is a great mammal and can be spotted in large numbers. The Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is also a palace to spot endangered Chinkara(yes the one which Salman Khan hunted). The Barda Sanctuary is famous for tribal population and was a private reserve till it was made a national reserve in 1979.

Things to see in Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Hawk Eagle

The amazing forests of Gujarat Are perfect thriving conditions for the densely rich plants and animals that exist here. Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is about harldy 15 kilometers from Porbandar city, is the most visited place in the area when it comes to wildlife. Also along with this the bird life is also very rich and exotic and is a delight for the tourists. Here the tourist can spot eagles and hawk eagle which can be seen very frequently here. The river side is perfect for the ones who wish to see the bird life strive near the water side.

Bird Life Strive Near The Water Side

Best Time to Visit?

The sanctuary is a tropical forest and thus the weather is very hot in the summers and in the winters it is mild. The most appropriate time to visit the sanctuary is between November and March. During the summer season it is next to impossible to visit as there is searing heat and can be problematic. The monsoon season is also good to visit but due to rains the animal life would not be visible.

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