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Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park is located in Srinagar and hardly 22 km distance away. Find out park timing, entry fees, contact number, accommodation, best time to visit & much more. If you love travelling, a visit to a national park is something you should not miss out on. The reason being very simple. A national park provides you with an experience of the majestic flora and fauna of the particular area where the national park is located. If you love nature, visit to a national park should be a must in your bucket list.

Dachigam National Park

Here we are going to discover about an extremely beautiful national park called TheDachigam National Park, located in the land of tourism ‘Jammu and Kashmir’.

The national park in located 22 kilometres from Srinagar.Itsaltitude varies between 5,500 to 14,000 ft. Located in the Zabarwan range of Western Himalayas, the landscape is no only featured with the beautiful sloping grassland but there are also areas with sharp and rocky outcrops and cliffs. The park lies in two different zones, the Upper and the Lower Dachigam. Both these regions vary from each other in terms of climatic conditions, terrain, flora and fauna. The lower Dachigam is more accessiblethan the upper Dachigam.


In 1910, the then Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir wanted to create a land for game preserve and catchment for Harwan reserves. In this process, ten villages were relocated out of the forest. This is how Dachigamderives its name,the word Dachigam means ‘ten-villages’. Under the king’s order, several wildlife enhancement measures were taken. Projects were conducted to increase the winter fodder for the wild animals. Later the land came under the protection of the government. The reserve was declared as a National Park in the year 1981.

Things to See

The national park is home to some of the rarest species of animals and birds. The most popular is the critically endangered Hangul or Kashmir Stag. Further, animals such as the Himalayan black bear, ibex goat and markhor can be seen in the lower regions during winters. The upper region is well known for its snow leopard. Other commonly spotted animals are white-bellied musk deer, yellow- throated Marten, long-tailed marmot, jungle-cat and many more. You can only spot a few if you are lucky.

Dachigam is also a paradise for over 150 species of birds. Monal pleasant, koklass pheasant, bearded vulture and crimson tragopanare some important and frequently spotted birds in Dachigam.

Best time to visit

It is advised to visit Dachigam between May and November. The climate during this period is quite pleasant and the fauna activity is at its highest. You should avoid visiting the park during the winter months because the winter wind, snow and severely low temperature makes the area inaccessible.

The month of November is consider is the best time to enjoy it’s beauty. March to May is ideal for bird watching. If you are fortunate enough to spot the animals at early mornings and late afternoons you can see the animals in their best form because they are most active during this time.

How to Reach

By air: The nearest airport is located 22 kilometres away in the town of Srinagar.

By train: The closest railway station is in the town of Jammu. It is around 158 kilometres away from the national park.

By road: Dachigam is about 22 km from Srinagar city, whereas its about 58 km from Jammu. You can easily head towards Dachigam from these cities.

Once you reach the National Park, you can hire a jeep to tour around the lands of Lower Dachigam but the topography of Upper Dachigam does not support vehicles, therefore you either need to take the Zanskari ponies or you can also walk around to get a better experience the beauty of the undisturbed nature.


To get the real adventure of the wildlife you can lodge at the park itself.

As an alternative, you can also choose to booka hotel room or a guest house at the nearby town of Srinagar.

If you are a person who loves wildlife and the natural beauty of the undisturbed nature, you should definitely consider visiting the Dachigam National Park. The beauty of the entire landscape can bring immense happiness and pleasure to you and your entire family.

Contact Number: 0194-246-2327

Email Address:

Dachigam National Park
Located at: Near Harwan Mughal Garden
Place: Dachigam Road
City: Srinagar
State: Jammu and Kashmir
Pin Code: 191202

Establishment: 1981
Timing: 05:30 am to 06:00 PM
Area: 141 km2

Entry Fee: N/A

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