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10 Most Beautiful Hill Stations in Kolhapur for Weekend Gateway

There is no doubt that there are several hill stations spread across Kolhapur area which are surrounded with waterfalls, mountain and greenery. This beautiful spot is an important city located in the southern part of Maharashtra, on the banks of the river Panchganga and at the foothills of the Sahyadri range. Also known as the city of palaces and gardens, Kolhapur has plenty of beautiful temples too. But Kolhpur’s main claims to fame are the Kolhapuri chappals, Kolhapuri missal and Kolhapuri Rassa. Let’s have a look at some of the hill stations that are at a close proximity from Kolhapur.

Panhala HilL Station

Panhala hill station

Panhala is a hill station that is located at a stone’s throw from olhapur. The hill station’s elevation is 754 m above sea level. It is said to have been Shivaji’s childhood home. Panhala also served as a capital for the Maratha dynasty between 1782 – 1827.  Panhala is primarily famous for its fort, which is the largest of all the deccan forts.

Main attractions: Panhala fort, Water tank, Parashara cave

Activities to do: Hiking, Picnics, Cave exploration, Nature trails

Distance: 22 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: June – February

Gaganbawada HilL Station


Gaganbawada is a pristine and beautiful hill station that has not yet been overrun by tourists. It is a display of nature’s splendour, with green valleys and beautiful waterfalls around. It is situated at 914 m above sea level. It is known to receive the highest rainfall in all of Maharashtra, hence it is nicknamed the Cherapunji of Maharashtra.

Main Attractions: Gagangad hill, Sri Chaitanyagiri Gagangiri Maharaj Math, Gagangad fort, Rameshwar temple

Activities to do:  Trekking, Rock climbing, Yoga

Distance: 58 km from Kolhapur.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year.

Samangad  HilL Station

Samangad Fort

Samangad is a small hill fort developed as a tourist destination by the government. It is close to Kolhapur, and perched at a height of 793 m. It is constructed on the oval shaped top of a hill. Although it lies in ruins now, its outer walls are still intact. It’s present condition is a result of a British attack on rebelling soldiers of the Samangad garrison, in 1844.

Main attractions: Maruti temple, Chaloba temple, Bhui Bhangara

Activities to do: Camping, Trekking, Temple visits

Distance: 76 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Dandoba  HilL Station


Dandoba hill station is right on the Miraj Pandharpur road. It is a forest reserve too, with a well preserved array of plants and animals. It also offers other recreational activities like water sports.

Main attractions: Bhose irrigation lake, Mahadev cave temple.

Activities to do : Nature trails, Hiking, Water sports

Distance: 77 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: October to February

Amboli HilL Station

Bhandardara hill station

Amboli is situated among the Sahyadri hills, and perched at an elevation 690 m above sea level. Since it is relatively unexplored, it has developed into a flourishing eco-tourist spot. It has plenty to see for people who wanted explore nature at its prime.

Main attractions: Sea-view point, Mahadevgad point, Nagatra falls, Narayangad

Activities to do : Trekking, Bird watching, Hiking

Distance : 118 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: July to October

Panchgani HilL Station

Panchgani table land

Panchgani is a scenic hill station in the Satara district of Maharashtra. It is situted at an altitude of 1293 m. Its name is so because it is nested within 5 hills, and is surrounded by 5 villages. Panchgani is famous for its strawberry and mullberry farms.

Main Attractions: Sydney point, Table land, Parsi point, Devil’s kitchen

Activities to do:  Trekking, Sight seeing, Horse riding

Distance: 170 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: November-February

Mahabaleshwar HilL Station

Pratapgarh Fort Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is an eminent tourist destination in Maharashtra. It is abundant with a lot of tourist spots to visit, and pleasant climate round the year. Mahabaleshwar’s climate makes it ideal for strawberry cultivation, and as a result, Mahabaleshwar is responsible for 85% of India’s strawberry production.

Main attractions: Krishnabai temple, Arthur’s seat point, Venna lake, Pratapgad fort

Activities to do: Trekking,Temple Visits, Sightseeing

Distance : 178 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: April – June and September – November

Lonavala HilL Station

Rajmachi Point Lonavala

Lonavala is located between Mumbai and Pune, at a height of 642 m above sea level. It is very popular among holidayers, who see it as an ideal location for a small weekend getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has plenty of attractions to keep tourists satisfied.

Main attractions: Rajmachi Point, Lonavala lake, Lions point, Wax museum, Valvan dam.

Activities to do: Trekking, Sightseeing, Hiking

Distance : 290 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: All round the year

Khandala HilL Station


Khandala is a popular hill station adjoining Lonavala. It is frequented by inhabitants of Mumbai, Pune and adjoining towns and cities. It has an elevation of 550 m above sea level.

Main attractions: Tiger’s leap, Duke’s nose, Bhushi lake, Amrutanjan Point, Karla and Bhaja caves

Activities to do : Hiking, camping, trekking

Distance: 294 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: All round the year

Matheran HilL Station

Matheran hill station

Matheran is a clean and green station located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It has been declared the smallest hill station in India. It also has the privilege of being Asia’s only automobile free hill station, owing to its eco-sensitive status.

Main attractions: Alexander Point, Olympia Race Course, Charlotte Lake, Panorama Point, Pisarnath Temple

Activities to do: Trekking, Sightseeing, hiking

Distance : 346 km from Kolhapur

Best time to visit: All round the year

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