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Lavasa Trip – Hill Station, Best Time to Visit, Things to Do

The beautiful Lavasa is a Hill Station comes under Maharashtra state. Find the best time to visit, how to reach, temperature, near places to visit for weekend trip. This Lavasa is hill station, also credited by many as India’s newest tourist attraction is one of the most beautiful places for you to visit in India that to within your easy reach and extremely pocket friendly. It truly brings out the essence of nature in its truest form and helps you communicate with mother earth like never before.

Lavasa hill station

An extremely beautiful place, Lavasa is fairly a recent discovery and thus is comparatively less visited by tourists as of now, thus it is spectacularly clean and well maintained and will provide you with all its wonders. Easily accessible by all forms of communication, lavasa hill station is sure to get you hooked by its evergreen lush scenic beauty and peaceful environment.

Best Time to Visit

Lavasa  has an added advantage of having a picturesque environment throughout the year for anyone to visit, but the winters and monsoon season are the ideal time if you are planning a memorable holiday. Lavasa  is located two thousand feet above sea level. The monsoons and winter in lavasa are characterized by heavy rainfall and cool winds thus making the place exotic and beautiful. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year.

Lavasa hill attraction

Lavasa tourist spot becoming one of the most coveted places for tourism in Maharashtra Attracting people for its humble abode and pocket friendly resources. Built covering seven hills and an area of twenty five thousand square miles, this tourist spot is s blend of beauty and serenity. It’s also considered as the picnic spot during new year.

Extremely well furnished with schools, IT sectors, adventure spots, medical facilities and well developed infrastructure, lavasa is providing to be an ideal place for weekend getaways or for slightly longer trips.

Weather Overview

Sr. No. Month Temperature
1 July 24-29 Degree Celsius
2 August 24-29 Degree Celsius
3 September 23-29 Degree Celsius
4 October 22-32 Degree Celsius
5 November 17-34 Degree Celsius
6 December 17-33 Degree Celsius
7 January 16-31 Degree Celsius
8 February 18-33 Degree Celsius
9 March 20-34 Degree Celsius
10 April 23-35 Degree Celsius

How to Reach

By train–Pune junction is the nearest rail station from lavasa which is 62 km away.

By plane –Both Mumbai airport and Pune airport can be availed to reach lavasa, however Pune airport will be closer thus more preferable.

By road–Bus services and taxi services are available to and fro to lavasa from Mumbai, Pune and Panjim, ranging from affordable to slightly expensive fares.

It is advisable to visit lavasa preferably in winter and monsoons as the place it as it’s best during this time. And while there, tourists must visit the street plays held every first and second Saturday of every month.

Things to do

Lavasa being an extremely well planned place, it boasts of having excellent recreational facilities for all age groups of both outdoor and indoor games. Everything from trekking to Street plays to indoor games to sightseeing, lavasa truly has a lot to offer.

Places to Visit near Lavasa

  • Bamboosa
  • Xthrill adventure centre
  • Temghar dam.

Thus if possible, it is a must to visit lavasa as soon as possible to refresh yourself in the best way possible as the climate and weather and it’s people are truly memorable and worth it.

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